Miata Window Regulator Replacement
Covers the replacement of a manual and power window regulator (a.k.a. window winder, operator or lift) for Miata’s with manual and power windows. Although the repairs pictured are for a manual window repair, the replacement of power window regulators is similar, except for the electrical connections and different window gearbox/motor involved.


Miata Hard Dog Roll Bar Installation
This describes the recent (3/19/00) installation of a Hard Dog brand 4-point roll bar in our President, Roger Huffman’s 1991 B-Package Miata. Although Roger’s car is a first generation Miata (M1), the installation for a 1999 or later (M2) Miata should be very similar. Knowing that there are many other more detailed descriptions of roll bar installations available at various internet sites (try Garage Section), we have kept this description fairly simple…


Miata Headlight Replacement and Upgrades (M1 Miata)
Headlight burned out? Car won’t pass inspection? Or, do you just want to be able to see a lot further ahead on those dark back roads you frequent, so you and Bambi don’t have a coming-together? Well, read on…



Autocrossing Basics to Get You Started
What is Autocross? It’s a timed competition event, involving cars of various descriptions competing against the stopwatch rather than against one another. The Sports Car Club of America calls it SOLO II. The “course” is essentially a miniature racecourse, set up on a parking lot or other large, flat, paved and relatively obstruction-free area…


Transmission/Differential Oil Change Basics
Learn the basics of changing the oil in your Miata’s manual transmission, repairing torn shifter boots, changing the shifter turret oil, and changing the oil in your differential. Do it yourself to save money and to make sure the job gets done right. Changing your transmission and differential oils regularly will help ensure long service life and improve performance and shifting action.